Duel at Dusk 2018

It's that time again. Duel at Dusk! It seems we never do it exactly the same every year. This year we held it in conjunction with ConDor. But we had our same great lineup: Drake directing fencing; Bob Mogg, the Iron Tailor, wrangling Nerf gun dueling; Madame Askew reigning over compliment and tea duelling; Murray Willett running around making sure none of the balls hit the floor.

Drake_setting_up Murray_setting_up Mogg_test_firing

Setting Up


We're Sure This is Just a Wardrobe Correction

Our foil fencers this year were Bryan Bishe and Ben Jagger with the win going to Ben!

Drake_explains_fencing Jagger_Bishe_test
Jagger_Bishe_action DatD_2018_foil_winners

Staba, Staba, Staba

One may always rely on Madame Askew for urbane hilarity, even in the most mundane of activities such as the explanation of the rules of the venerable art of tea duelling.


Madame Askew Explains it All

John Bollman acquitted himself with valor in the Nerf gun dueling to take the top prize, a very cool Nerf gun steampunked by Bob Mogg. We have a feeling John will be back next year to defend his title.

DatD_2018_Bollman_Nerf DatD_Bollman_Nerf2 DatD_2018_Nerf_winner

Take That! And That!

Of course the room was full of friends old and new.

Mini_Bender DatD_2018_friends
DatD_2018_crowd Brunner_Bollman DatD_doll

What's a Party Without Friends?

Vendors? Of course there were vendors:
Rae Wolf Designs, Wyng'd Lyon, Gears & Roebuck, and Gear Oils. Because, what's a steampunk event without shopping? Special thanks to our ever-capable vendor wrangler, Lindsay Rae Harold Wagner, who made sure we satisfied everyone's shopping craving.

DatD_2018_Bob_Lindsay DatD_Gears_Roebuck DatD_2018_GearOils


In addition to his skills with Nerf guns, carpet bags, parasols, bandoliers…oh bother, the list just goes on! More to the point, Bob Mogg has a wicked sense of humor that often manifests itself materially. Voilá!


Because it's a Fencing Event. Get it?

What do y'all think? Do it again next year?

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