Drake & McTrowell's Library of Limericks - Gaslight Gathering 2017

Chief Inspector Erasmus L. Drake and Dr. “Sparky” McTrowell keep a collection of limericks that they have gathered in their wanderings. Specifically, it contains the poetic results of “There Once Was A Steampunk From Limerick™” interactive poetry writing events.

In the game, the poetry authors randomly select two slips of paper out of a hat: one with a concept to incorporate and the other with a word to include, producing happy, rhyming, steampunky fun. In some cases, only a word to include was chosen from the hat. And some particularly prolific limericists just wrote some extra ones for fun.
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Concept: Game
Word: Chime
Author: Erasmus Drake

Given only ten minutes time
I heard the loud game timer chime
Provided a word
and a concept absurd
I finished my limerick in rhyme
Concept: Mega City
Word: Egypt

Author: Barbara Lekes

In the mega city of Memphis
Down ol’ Egypt way
Many mummies were buried
With treasures they carried
Now they have nothing to say

Author: Jeb Haught

There once was a city in Egypt
Whose inhabitants grew tired of being gypped
Built steam power and gears
Which increased their fears
Now the city’s so polluted they’re all in a crypt
Word: Trebuchet
Author: Mercy Baron

At a Ren Faire there sat a big trebuchet
Everyone who did pass it said, “oh, wow, hey”
Let’s use it on enemies
And not on our frenemies
And they went on their merry old way
Author: Eddie Louise

There once was a kindhearted steampunk
Whose lover’s technique was a dead flunk
Barring gadgets and props
All attempts were but flops
And the ship of the line was not sunk
Concept: Boots, Then Corset
Word: Victoria
Author: Kelly Varner

There once was a lass named Victoria
Who liked to dress steamy in Astoria
She eschewed corset or vest
In pants she would dress
But to put on her boots, she would force it
Word: Frankenstein
Author: Eddie Louise

A mad scientist known as Sage
Experimented with Faraday’s cage
With precise elocution
And hot ‘lectrocution
It’s Frankenstein for a new age
Concept: Flammable Hydrocarbon
Word: Babbage
Author: Chip Clark

We were traveling with Drake & McTrowell
Traveling the distance we travel
We pulled out our Babbage
To calculate our mileage
And gassed at the lack of a towel
Concept: Flammable Hydrocarbon
Word: Baggage
Author: Chip Clark

There once was a man carrying baggage
His luggage was packed full of cabbage
It had been packed too long
And went horribly wrong
And ignited with flamboyant carnage
Word: Nautilus
Author: Murray Willett

Nautilus is the name of the machine
Where Drake & McTrowell last were seen
Drake said with a frown
As the vessel went down
“Sparky better not run out of steam”
Word: Making
Author: Mercy Baron

Steampunks are always in making
Ms. Lovelace was always in baking
She thought she was high
But then she made pie
And now she is hula hoop shaking
Word: Zeppelin
Author: Barbara Lekes

Looking skyward at dawn
Trying to stifle a yawn
The airships are flying
And nobody’s dying
Cue the band to start playing Led Zeppelin
Word: Train
Author: Renee Foley

The Atlanteans wished to obtain
A magnificent steam-powered train
To fill it with whiskey
And women all frisky
And absinthe to addle the brain
Concept: Time Travel
Word: Adventure
Author: Renee Foley

An adventurer out of Durango
Said “Baby, I’m ready to tango”
The shift of his hips
Caused temporal slips
And started a worm hole fandango
Word: Aether
Author: Kelly Varner

There once were some gears on a ship
Once in a while they would slip
The sailors would groan
The captain would moan
To fix, in the aether they must dip
Word: Cthulhu
Author: Chip Clark

HP Lovecraft was writing one night
When a shadow fell over his light
Eight tentacles commanded
“Cthulhu has landed”
And his stories forever took fright
Word: Gramophone
Author: Stephen Marchesi

There once was an old gramophone
That was found in an old person’s home
Amongst deceased cats
That added to the stats
Was an old codger now nothing but bones
Concept: Nachos
Word: Adventure
Author: Eddie Louise

For adventuresome journeys with punch
Pack provisions that please your bunch
With pemmican and jerky
You’ll be known as quirky
But nachos will provide the crunch
Word: Goggles
Author: Unsigned

She just got a new pair of goggles
To help her see through all the foggles
Much to her surprise
With her new eyes
She could also see through the boggles
Word: Submersible
Author: Stephen Marchesi

There once was a steampunk submersible
Forward it went, not reversible
They launched it at sea
And said, “Let it be”
But the whole damn thing wasn’t immersible

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